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Creating an enabling environment for implementing of the VPA process

As a major VPA component a Legality Assurance System (LAS) has been designed to ascertain legality of all timber in the local and export markets. In line with the Forestry Commission ideas on FLEGT-VPA implementation this requires major capacity building efforts to: strengthen the capacity of government bodies and officials active in verification, chain of custody, licensing and monitoring; enable the private sector to comply with all (new) rules and regulations and feed their produce into the Wood Tracking System; provide guidance for legal suppliers to the domestic timber markets; and familiarize civil society & communities with the legal and technical aspects of the LAS in Ghana and prepare them to play a role in this system. The action will be contributing to a functional VPA through the provision of knowledge and tools for supporting a credible LAS in relation to principle 1 & 3 of the Ghana Legality Standard.

The action would be very timely as Ghana is currently developing timber legality verification protocols and complaint mechanisms as part of the LAS. It will provide very useful baselines, develop and test protocols/guidelines and make recommendations that will provide measurable and concrete proof mechanisms on fulfilment of the legality requirements of a functional VPA including community right to benefits in ORL.