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The objectives of the project are:
  1. Contribute to responsible negotiation and implementation of Off-Reserve Logging (ORL) agreements and related application of fair compensation for farmers;
  2. Enhance forest governance and legal production in line with the FLEGT process;
  3. Contribute to foster compliance with G-LAS for a functioning VPA.


Project are:
  1. Experiences with ORL negotiation, implementation and related compensation process are inventoried, analyzed and documented.
  2. Necessary recommendations made (to FC) support the revision of current ORL negotiation procedures, compensation schemes and control systems.
  3. Main stakeholders well informed and empowered to engage in responsible ORL negotiation and implementation.
  4. Project lessons broadly shared and an up scaling strategy developed.
  5. Monitoring, evaluation and visibility framework developed


The following activities have been undertaken to support the implementation of the VPA
  1. Implemented a systematic baseline study on experiences with negotiation, implementation and compensation for ORL in six forest districts in the high forest regions of Ghana.
  2. Developed four detailed case studies on FC and contractor role and effects, as well as community/farmer benefits related to ORL.
  3. Established a list of do's and don'ts (with respect to principle 1 & 3 of the Ghana legality standard) based on MoP, Section F (Controlled Timber Production in Off Reserve areas)
  4. Identified from the baseline studies, the various factors constituting fair compensation and recommend a fair compensation estimation framework (in the form of a position paper to the FC making reference to existing formulas and justifications for new recommendations).
  5. Developed processes (procedures, simple guides) to support legal compliance (verifiable outputs) for P1&P3 in the context of the timber legality verification protocols of the LAS
  6. Trained 30 relevant FC staff on ORL negotiation process and procedures.
  7. Trained 20 communities, selected in consultation with FSD managers at the district level and 10 LCs from the 6 forest districts on responsible ORL negotiation and implementation and fair compensation calculation for representatives of