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Friends Of The Earth

Organisational Profile

Friend of the Earth-Ghana (FoE-Gh) is a registered Environmental Non- Governmental Organization that was founded in 1986. FoE-Ghana's vision is that Ghana should become an ecologically and economically sustainable society based on equitable distribution of resources to both men and women and the highest achievable standard of living for all. We promote solutions that will help to create environmentally sustainable and socially just societies. Our mission is to work with others to build a movement for environmental change that spans from local to global levels.

FoE-Ghana is a member of Friends of the Earth International, a federation of 76 autonomous environmental organizations from all over the world. We have been instrumental in organizing campaigns to combat forest illegal actions in Ghana. We are part of Forest Watch Ghana that has become a national campaign vehicle of 30 Civil Society Organizations and many individuals linked to many forest CBOs who are committed to the rights of poor forest users. We currently belong to a partnership of civil society organizations in Ghana implementing ICCO (Interchurch Organization for Development Co-operation) Sustainable Forest Management Programme. We serve on the national biodiversity committee, national climate change policy committee, national land sector technical committee. We are also a member of the civil society coalition on land (CICOL). We have a membership of about 15,000 people and over 2000 volunteers.

The organization has a full time staff of 23 comprising 16 professional staff with specializations in environmental economics, forestry, development planning, wildlife management, gender, project management and finance and also, 7 support staff. This organization has played a significant role in raising awareness and education within forest fringe communities that has resulted in development of acceptable social responsibility agreements between companies and communities.

Our core activities cover natural resource management, policy and legislation issues including forest and biodiversity conservation, climate change mitigation and adaptation, sustainable land management, extractive sector advocacy, watershed conservation management, livelihoods support and women and youth empowerment.

Success Stories

Our previous experience in the forest sector in the last fifteen years includes reforestation of degraded vegetation, raising of environmental awareness in local communities, capacity building of 26 communities in biodiversity monitoring and assessment and alternative income generating activities in rural communities around the Lake Bosomtwe Basin in the Ashanti Region of Ghana through the GEF medium size grant programme. The structural integrity of degraded areas of forest vegetation in the Western Region has also been rehabilitated through the Aketenkyie-Asuogya afforestation and biodiversity conservation Project through the GEF small Grant programme.

In the Volta Region of Ghana, FoE-Gh has contributed to protection, conservation and sustainable management of biodiversity in the Tafi-Atome monkey sanctuary to promote Ecotourism for the improvement of the livelihoods of the communities fringing the resource.

With funding from ICCO/DOEN, we have helped to improve forest governance processes at local levels through capacity-building of communities to effectively engage duty bearers. facilitated formation of local and district SRA committees in 83 communities and supported with SRA development/implementation in Western, Ashanti, Eastern and Brong Ahafo Regions of Ghana.

At Oda and Nkrabea Forest reserves in the Ashanti Region, FoE-Gh has initiated resource-oriented community action planning for improved forest management and sustained flow of forest benefits to forest dependent communities. We have raised awareness at both regional and national levels about the importance of sustainable forest management and forest benefit sharing. We have built the capacity of communities and CBOs to know and exercise their rights in relation to forest laws and sustainable forest management.

Raised awareness in the values of forest resources and FLEGT and the Voluntary Partnership Agreement through TV documentary production on National Television, Radio programmes and other forms of awareness raising materials.


4th Adamfi Close
Opposite Emmanuel Eye Centre
East Legon-Accra
Website: www.foegh.org