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Kumasi Wood Cluster (KWC)

KWC is an association of small and medium sized forest companies, registered as a Company Limited by Guarantee. It was established with the mission to promote partnerships that support environmentally-sound and economic development of small and medium forest enterprises (SMFEs).

KWC's goal is to support the efforts of SMFEs utilizing wood obtained in ways that maintain or restore forest health and fulfill social obligations and to create markets for their products. Wood used by KWC companies is mainly sourced from forest reserves in Ghana. KWC companies produce a variety of products that include plywood, veneer (sliced and rotary), layons, kiln and air dried lumber.

The staff of KWC includes the Project Leader/Group Manager, General Manager, Project Assistants and an office assistant.


c/o P. O. Box 170
Ahinsan within the premises of Bibiani Logging & Lumber Ltd.
Kumasi – Ahinsan
Tel: +233 – 3220 – 90602
Email: kumasiwoodcluster@gmail.com
Website: www.kwcgh.org

How KWC Started

The timber industry in Ghana is faced with the problem of inadequate supply of raw material as a consequence of past logging practices, incidence of bushfires and human disturbances. There is also the demand for wood products from well managed and sustainable sources by buyers internationally. Sustainable Forest Management and Chain of Custody (CoC) Certification were seen as the only means to overcome the above stated difficulties.

However, for small and medium sized forest enterprises (SMFEs) the costs of certification are too expensive and the necessary systems and procedures too technical for them to participate in without any assistance and support. Again, the increasing interest in certification from both producers and buyers convinced KWC to start looking at a certification service organization that will use the group scheme to overcome the above stated problems of individual certification. Group certification offers the possibility of sharing external costs of certification among member companies and allows an outside organization to be in charge of technical duties. KWC was therefore registered as an association limited by guarantee in October, 2004 to assist these companies as far as certification is concerned.

Currently, the cluster is made up of three companies namely: Bibiani Logging Company Limited (BLLC), Sunstex Company Limited (SUNSTEX) and Ghana Veneer Processing Company Limited (GVPCL).

Objectives of KWC

The Association's objectives are to assist SMFEs in the following ways;

Achievements of KWC